Fantasy Land

When you complete a project your mind immediately starts to spin considering all the possible next steps. So of course I’m going way overboard – setting my sights on the tiny closet-of-a-condo of my dreams! I know in the real world there is practicality and time constraints and budgets, but before I come back down to reality, let’s have some fun shall we?

If I could replicate any room, I would choose…

I think this stunning kitchen is a good place to start. It includes all my personal obsessions – subway tile, apron front sink, adorable pendant light and gray all over!

via coco+kelley

If we’re talking dining rooms, which I don’t currently have, but someday hope to, the combination of a banquet table of reclaimed wood and miss matched chairs give the place meant for sharing stories a story of its own.

via living etc

One of my renovation fantasies includes redoing my floors and I’m loving how the dark tones in this living room play off the crisp white walls. I don’t know about the chandelier though…I think I’ve moved past that phase.

via living etc

Yet another space I don’t have, but pine for – my very own work space. Again with the great little drop light and that typewriter! Much better than laptop on lap. In bed.

via desire to inspire

Speaking of bed, one should be pickiest about their bedroom. After all it is your sanctuary, your place of repose, or in my case where I dump piles of clothes. Maybe if my bedroom looked more like this I’d actually keep it that way (minus the animal skin rug).

Now if you could actually figure out how to get all these different looks to fit together you’re way better at this than I!

A Blank Slate

Ok, here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I’d prefer to have had the time to get everything nicely styled or even cleaned up from the construction, but I just can’t wait.

So Ta-Dah!! I present to you my freshly painted apartment (please excuse the amateur photography and less than stellar lighting)!

Welcome to my newly neutral living room!

I went with Benjamin Moore Moonlight White on the walls and BM Simply White for the trim. And all low-VOC! As you may have noticed, something else is missing. My other big decision was to remove the picture rail. It’s an amazing thing to realize that rather than agonize over a difficult design element, you can just remove it.

For a little fun, I highlighted the room’s archway and molding by painting the faux columns BM Thundercloud Gray. My green Replay Sofa from EQ3 ties in nicely with my original fashion inspiration for the room. The lamp, though probably not in its permanent location, has little flowers on the shade that nearly match the gray paint. A complete unintentional coincidence.

The archway separates my “entry” from the rest of the living room. The door on the right is my “entry” closet. There are gorgeous glass knobs on all of the doors that fit with the time period of 1904 building.

Though it may look plain, remember my design inspiration. I love me some clean, danish mod lines. The room also feels like it has doubled in size.

What in this picture doesn’t fit??

I know I could probably get away with the pink radiator, but please understand that after living with the color for two years, the goal is to create something like this.

So there you have it. My blank slate. It may seem a bit generic to some, but remember, a 475 sq ft space is not going to be my long term home. The goal is make something that is both gorgeous and universally appealing.

Now the possibilities for my next steps (bathroom? bedroom?, kitchen, oh my!) seem endless. This is only the beginning folks.

We Interrupt This Broadcast

Due to a litany of technical difficulties I’m not able to bring you the grand reveal of my newly painted condo today as promised. But take my word, its fabulous! And I swear, I will share all very soon.

In the meantime, visitors to Apartment#34 have kindly taken time to say hi, send suggestions, and generally say really nice things about my renovation adventure. I want to thank everyone – commenters and lurkers alike for taking the time to stop by. THANK YOU! I now understand why this whole blogging thing is so addicting. It feels amazingly good to get a note of encouragement from total strangers!

I thought I’d take a moment to respond to everyone and let you know what you have to look forward to.

  • I have my heart set on painting my radiator, but it requires sand blasting and heat resistant paint. But fear not – a solution is in the works. Stay tuned on that one.
  • Carrie and Carol- I think great minds must think alike because I am in love with grey right now. You’ll soon see.


  • As for my fashion based inspiration, the fall shows are always the biggest influence on my aesthetic – I think its living in Seattle that makes me a lover of layers.

Here’s an attempt at fashion to room translation. I look at this gorgeous outfit from Day Birger et Mikkelsen

and translate the color palette, the great use of pattern, and the fab mix of matte and luxe fabrics in this room by David Lawrence

(via Habitually Chic)

You’ll have to determine if I pulled off anything remotely as successful once my place is ready for its Ta-Dah moment.

I have to share another source of inspiration I found this weekend. My amazing man surprised with a stay at Hotel deLuxe in Portland. On the outskirts of the Pearl District, this tdf hotel is perfect for a weekend getaway.

If this doesn’t make you drool then I don’t know what will!

As for what’s next, I’m going credenza crazy, looking for lighting, dreaming of new bedding and trying to determine what project to tackle next.

We hope to return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!