Fashionable Friday

Hello dear readers!  I hope there are one or two of you left.  I apologize for leaving you.  Where have I been you might ask?

I started a new job on Wednesday, and needless to say I’m wildly excited, but I’m also figuring out how to manage my new schedule.  Now that I’m actually liking my day job it makes things a little more complicated.  
But have no fear.  I’m spending this weekend measuring my bathroom for new flooring and new tile so I will be back with my renovation headaches and decor dilemmas very shortly.
In the meantime, in an homage to my new colleagues, who are all ridiculously stylish, I present my wardrobe upgrade wish of the week.
From Ann Sui, this hot little number would look great paired with some rockin’ pumps, 
like the forever coveted but not yet purchased Louboutins.
Add a few bangles like this gorgeous set of hammered gold by Monica Vinader
and top it all off with a leather clutch with a bit of an edge.  Oh, Jimmy Choo we love you.
I hope you have Friday night worthy of this ensemble!  See you soonly. 

Back to (Beach) Basics

Still basking in the glow of my wondeful weekend on the Oregon Coast, lovely beach accessories have been catching my eye.

Like these gorgeous towels from Pottery Barn(who knew!).

You’d be well outfitted with this beach tote from Seattle designer SidneyAnn.
It’s laminated to be water resistant!
Top it all off with some sweet aviators and a cute suit (by Loeffler Randall).

Going to the beach never looked so good!

Dark Thoughts and Bright Ideas

I need to pick my next renovation project. Without a focus I’m so easily distracted!

Perhaps inspired by a weekend of nothing but velvety sand beneath my feet I suddenly care about what I’m walking on, so today, I’m all about floors.
Mine are currently a plain, but nice, orange-ish wood of an unknown variety.
They appear pretty in the photo, but in actuality have a fair amount of damage and are in need of some serious TLC. Or, I could simply take my floors in a completely different direction, i.e. out the door.

Right now, I am loving the yin+yang combo of white walls and dark floors.

via marie claire maison

The sleek sheen is repeated in the wood stool and leather chair in this Parisian apartment, while the rest of the white pops.

The stark contrast of dark floors and light cabinetry adds drama to what would otherwise be a rather benign kitchen.

And what woman doesn’t need a little drama in her life?