Friday Follies

There are so many things that caught my eye this week, I couldn’t pick just one so I decided to share them all.  Enjoy!

I have but one wedding to go to this summer, but it is just the excuse I need to wear this gorgeous Castle Starr dress.   

found here

If I had one room I was forced to live in for, well, ever, I’d happily move in here.

found here
And if I had a pink fridge I’d want it to be this one.

found here

And if I had something in my pink fridge I’d want it to look as pretty as these do.

found here

And if I were to ever be someone other than myself I’d want to be a French girl.

found here

But since it is finally Friday and the sun is finally shinning, we have no other choice than to do the dance of joy!

Have a dance-tastic weekend!

Apartments Unite!

In the July/August 2008 issue of Elle Decor,


Pause to appreciate the gorgeous living room on the cover.  Want the coffee table, love the couch, drooling over the fire place.  I digress.  

Within the July/August issue I found another Apartment!  Apartment 48 to be exact.


A long standing interior design store in NYC and owned by interior designer Raymon Boozer, Apt #34 feels right at home in Apartment 48!

Loving the great use of color, gorgeous styling, and…
all photos via Elle Decor and Apartment 48

Apartment 48 speaks directly to my desk lust.  Swoon.  If I could live in Apartment 48 I’d happily move up one more floor.