The Big 1-0-0

I’m jumping for joy (in some hot YSL shoes) because today marks Apt#34’s 100th post!

It all started when cassandra and I thought we were going to renovate my cute little condo. Now the apartment is no longer pink (the radiator still is) and I no longer live there!
You see, life did as life does.  It has taken me in an entirely new direction. Now I have the decor challenges of the combining of the things with my s.o. and even more challenging, the combining of the style aesthetics.  At least I have a lot more square footage to play with this time!

I’m continually amazed by how fun it is to blog about what’s caught my eye, what I’m contemplating, or who is inspiring me today.  Most often it’s something a reader, a lurker or one of the fan favorites bloggers that I deeply admire have uncovered, so for that I thank all of you. Apt#34 was great fun while I lived there, it’s been great fun sharing it with you and I can’t wait to see where I, and this blog, go next.
I do hope you’ll come along.
It’s going to be great!

Learning New Tricks

I’ve been friends with cassandra long enough now that hopefully I’ve learned something from her keen style eye. In an homage to her rooms from the runway I’m going to try my hand at it.  Let me know what you think!

Cass and I were just discussing how our mood is already trending toward fall.  I could easily don the warm tans and grays of this Fall Preview dress by Oak. 
And after a hot night out in the dress the dark floors, the fireplace and the cozy blanket in this room make me want to nestle right in!

Keep Portland Weird

It’s the loud and proud motto of PDX. And while eccentric personalities may abound, Portland is also full of very cool things. I just spent a fun filled weekend exploring the blocks of refurbished breweries, walking through the downtown parks (called parkblocks!), and enjoying one yummy foodie destination after another. I had such a great time I wanted to share a few of my favorite P-town things with you.

You probably know uber trendy Ace Hotel.

or uber trendy and totally delicious Stumptown Coffee

But most fun of all, I hunted down the newest Portland treasure, Ink&Peat, the brick and motor store belonging to Pam of Housemartin.

I went in search of some wrapping for a pending baby shower and instead found myself tempted by stunning pillows, handcrafted vases, sweet smelling candles, covet worthy textiles and lovely collections of cards and notebooks – my ultimate weakness.

Ink&Peat is beautifully laid out, expertly resourced and perfectly edited. I wish Pam the best of luck and encourage anyone going through Portland to be sure and stop in!