Mirror Mirror

I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing for credenzas. While my taste doesn’t usually fall on the glamorous side – I’m more of a mod fan – I found a stunning mirrored credenza at the amazing online store Pieces and fell in love.

I was so inspired by all their treasures I compiled a little wish list of accessories to go along with it.
I love the pop of orange with the leather tray.  It reminds me of the coveted Hermes box! Now I have to add to my wishlist the perfect living room for all of this to go in!

Tag, I’m It

It’s official, I’ve been tagged!
Courtney, the lovely lady behind Under a Paper Moon, got me with the six quirky, boring facts about myself.  They’re much tougher to come up with than I’d anticipated.  Don’t know if these will qualify me as quirky, but here we go.

1.  I regift wrapping paper.  What can I say, I am my mother’s daughter and I keep used gift wrap.  After the present has been opened,  I smooth the paper out, cut off the edges that had the tape and stack each sheet in a box to use again later.  Come to think of it, I keep boxes too.

fun and funky gift wrap via delight by design
2. I also save my tinfoil.  It can be washed you know!

3. I cannot seem to get through a book during day-to-day life, (like its been months!) but on vacation I can finish 5 books in a week!  Anyone have a recommendation for my plane flight to Virginia??
4. I obsessively check out wedding photographers’ websites.  As in almost daily.  This is my current favorite. At least my sister is engaged now so I have a valid excuse.
5. I desperately want a french bulldog.  I will name her Emma. Or Lily.
6. I can sing almost any song you hear on the radio, pop, hip hop or indie but know neither artist nor song title!  My new goal is to check out every artist on the NPR Top 10 List.
Ok, that’s me in a boring, 6-point nutshell.  I believe my job is to tag others now, so here are my next victims, ahem, I mean chosen ones!
Vanessa of .v
Cassandra, because I cannot resist
Lynne of Tea for Joy
Courtney of In(side) the Loop

The rules are:
* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six other bloggers
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.
Looking forward to getting to know a little more about you ladies!

Haute Hippie

I’ve never been a huge fan of the hippie-chic look.  To many ruffles and boots and throwbacks to the old west.  I usually like something a little more crisp. But then I came across Haute Hippie, a rockin’ indie fashion line from New York.  

The clothes strike a perfect balance – they have a hard edge but a soft gooey center.
They also have some pretty hot basics.
Leaves me ready to embrace my inner bohemian!