A Spring in My Step

My Saturday night is likely going to consist of laundry and HGTV watching, but if I had an excuse I’d be slipping into any of these beauties and dancing the night away.

Loubutin, Manolo, more Loubutin and Giuseppe Zanotti
Or I’ll continue to sit on my couch and stare at my feet instead of the TV. Check out more stunning options at The Bride’s Cafe. You will die and go to shoe heaven!

For the Boys

I love my redblooded american man with all my heart, but the look of the european portion of the gender  always catches my eye. I appreciate the asthetic of a good t-shirtas much as the next girl…

but a little spit and polish could do our american men some good. I think these clean and classy looks from Danish company The Kooples, would do just the trick, don’t you agree?