5 thoughts on “A Classic

  1. oh, you KNOW i would rock that pouf!! reminds me a little of lyndsy’s dress… but the bustling is awesome. ok, maybe i would wear a big dress… maybe.

  2. My dress was very similar to that one.. but with a couple more bustles pinned up around
    and I got it at a great little hole in the wall shop [Amanda bridal] in Seattle [well, redmond, wa]
    for $600 buck a roos….it was great
    but that one
    is BY far LOVELY!

  3. Both my sister and my dear friend got their dresses at Amanda’s!

  4. ha! that’s great! Amanda is one of the funniest ladies! I loved her and her shop!
    my dress 2 days before my wedding didn’t fit [I had lost a couple nervous pounds] and she took it home and re did the zipper for free the night before my wedding! talk about a close one

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