My weekend will be filled with more planning for my sister’s wedding and I just had to share this dress with ya’ll.

What do you think?

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  1. oh, you KNOW i would rock that pouf!! reminds me a little of lyndsy’s dress… but the bustling is awesome. ok, maybe i would wear a big dress… maybe.

  2. My dress was very similar to that one.. but with a couple more bustles pinned up around
    and I got it at a great little hole in the wall shop [Amanda bridal] in Seattle [well, redmond, wa]
    for $600 buck a roos….it was great
    but that one
    is BY far LOVELY!

  3. ha! that’s great! Amanda is one of the funniest ladies! I loved her and her shop!
    my dress 2 days before my wedding didn’t fit [I had lost a couple nervous pounds] and she took it home and re did the zipper for free the night before my wedding! talk about a close one