Happy Weekend!

After a rushed week of feeling rather frazzled and dowdy, I’m going to take time out for a little luxuriousness this weekend.

photos via kbc photography & la bella vida
I’d feel shiny and new after a hot night out on the town followed by blissful sleep in  sheets with 500 thread count.
I hope you enjoy a touch of luxury this weekend!

8 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Sounds like a great plan! Love that bed–what beautiful detailing and upholstery! xx blair

  2. That first picture is like a dream come true. It is the epitome of love and romance. Fabulous find!

  3. aw, the first picture looks like Seattle!
    makes me miss home!

    Hope you get lots of rest lady!


  4. Jessie

    That first picture in Seattle is idyllic and makes me that much more excited for my first visit to the city in 3 weeks!! Hope your weekend has been wonderful :)

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