16 thoughts on “Monday Work Wear

  1. These women all look stunning! After this long holiday weekend, the thought of having to go back to work makes me sad.

  2. I'm really digging the black coat and all the knee high socks. I had no idea socks like that were trendy again (sometimes I'm so out of the loop) but I love them. Very cute!

  3. Fabulous- love the first look- the orange really pops :)

  4. Jake

    It not like she is taking these photos herself! She just posts other people's photo's! She has no inputs into the photos.

  5. Indeed, Jake – I am not a photographer so I do not take the photos myself. I find and share inspiration and promote the work of artists who I appreciate and admire – which is why every photo is credited. This blog is not about me and my world about instead about the world I would love to see it. I hope you enjoy the little treasures I share here.

  6. I took today off from work, but this is exactly the inspiration I need to get dressed for work tomorrow!

  7. Love these photos, especially the 3rd one! I NEED that outfit – so fantastic and good for anytime! Great collection

  8. great fashion photos, i am loving the top and bottom image. looking at them really makes me wanna shop.

    thanks for posting.


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