Good-bye 2009!

No matter what kind of year you’ve had, there’s something to be said for jazzin’ it up for New Year’s Eve.

Even if the old year isn’t deserving of a fond farewell, the new one should be welcomed with a proper amount of glitz, glam and glitter, don’t you think?

So here’s to a bounty of friends and fortune, adventures and successes, good lessons and great learning and a whole lot of fun in 2010. Because, really, we all deserve it dammit.
Happy New Year to you luvies. See you in 2010. Hang on for it. I have this feeling it’s going to be a great year!

Wedding Wednesday {Advice}

We are about to usher out a year that, for me, had many ups and many downs so I’m really looking forward to starting anew.

2010 will be my 30th year and the year I get married. I see it as the year of new beginnings. It will be my year for major growth, change and learning.

That’s why, dear readers, I’m coming to you on this final Wedding Wednesday of 2009 to ask for a little help.
cloth bound classics via here
I know I’ve got some learned followers out there and I’d like to tap your wisdom. What should a woman, recently turned 30, about to get married and starting a new decade of life, be reading?
I set a goal to read more in my 30’s and thought a new year is the perfect time to get started. So send those titles my way.
Here’s to a highly informed 2010!

Go On, Get Cozy

On these crisp cold days and during this sleepy time of year all I want to do is laze about, staying cozy and warm.

With hot coco in hand and a good book (or four!) I wouldn’t mind if winter stuck around for a looonnng while.