Go On, Get Cozy

On these crisp cold days and during this sleepy time of year all I want to do is laze about, staying cozy and warm.

With hot coco in hand and a good book (or four!) I wouldn’t mind if winter stuck around for a looonnng while.

14 thoughts on “Go On, Get Cozy

  1. I love that bed! It's gorgeous!

    Being warm and cozy sounds delightful =)

  2. ok. everything in this pic just makes me want to get home and get cozy STAT. Especially the bed! Uber-glam and i love it


  3. The bed is divine and the socks look deliciously comfy! Hope you are staying nice and cosy. The weather couldn't be more different in Sydney – it is lovely sunny! But still being very lazy :)

  4. I want to crawl in that bed with a cup of rose tea and flip through a beautiful book

  5. okay, so. I want to crawl into that bed with those knit socks on, wrap that boa around my neck and dream about waking up to wear that lovely shirt on the hanger.

  6. That bed looks wonderful! Cozy and worm sounds good to me this week, it's soo cold here.

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