Happy {Laid Back} Weekend

I’m so in the mood to throw the hair up into a messy bun, bust out the t-shirts and do a whole lot of nothin’ for a few days, how ’bout you?

I hope you get plenty of time in your PJ’s this weekend luvies.
‘Till Monday.

12 thoughts on “Happy {Laid Back} Weekend

  1. Sounds like such a great idea! Have a fab weekend too! Rachel xo

  2. These images make me want to relax too. Inspired for my next self portrait. Thank you!

  3. oh exactly what i want to do this weekend. fabulous pictures, as usual :o)

  4. OH! OH! I love the hair!! Lately I've been wearing my hair in a 'I just don't care' kinda way! :) And its so wonderful!! happy weekend to you too!

  5. So sexy! I should always wear my hair like that even though its not usually deliberate in my case…
    Have a comfy weekend then:)

  6. Have a lovely weekend yourself :)
    I wish my hair looked that gorgeous in a messy bun ….

    xoxo Laura

  7. *sigh* sounds perfect!

    I've been feeling under the weather, so lately I have been wearing an easy chignon, tights and loose dresses/tees while staying home working.

    I hope you get some down time this weekend :)


  8. Even in these pictures of women relaxing and throwing caution to the wind, they still look supercute!

    I'm especially loving the first woman's hairstyle.

    Happy relaxation!

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