29 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Crush

  1. I am not normally a black and white girl but I simply adore the top image!!

  2. i'll take the hobo, jacket and shoes pretty please!! great finds!

  3. I just bought an antique mirrored tray for $3 from a thrift store, and have imagined it on a perfectly style vanity like the one above! Now all I need is a vanity! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  4. That vanity is beautiful and they grey kitchen is a heart breaker!!

  5. i am OBSESSED with that leather jacket. was drooling over it the other day. the hobos are awesome as well.

  6. oh, such great crushes! particularly that jacket. swoon.

  7. Those Hobo's look soft as butter. I think I am still picking my jaw up off the floor

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