Wedding Wednesday {It’s Party Time}

My dears, as we reach the last day of March, I feel the need to pause and take a moment to reflect. So much has been going on and so much is about to happen. For starters, we leave for our wedding in just 3 weeks! So much work has been done and we’re in the home stretch now. That alone is enough to break out the party gear.

And then the darling Caitlin of Sacramento Street (who happens to be getting married very shortly herself!) pointed out that I overlooked another important milestone – the 2 year anniversary of Apartment 34! In fact, today is my 800th post. I can hardly believe it.

When I started this little experiment more than two years ago I never could have imagined this is where I’d be today. I never thought it would take me on this journey or connect me to such wonderful people. It makes me want to put on my party shoes and kick up my Louboutin-clad heels.

As I’m about to take the most major step of my life, I can’t predict where the years ahead might lead. I do know that I cherish the pleasure and privilege of sharing all these random thoughts and ramblings with everyone here. This little blogging experiment has grown to mean so much to me. It has brought me great strength, joy, courage, creativity and warmth. The fact that you seem to enjoy it at all is a small miracle in and of itself. 

So thank you, dear readers, for two great years – and here’s to what’s next, whatever that may be!


Sole-full Decor {Spring Edition}

I’m loving the mix and match of the spring trends. They provide the perfect amount of versatility and my favorite, tons of sky-high heels. Translate it all into decor and no matter which direction you go, you really can’t take a wrong turn.

You might prefer sweet whites,
Or perhaps spring pinks,
then there are the supple neutrals,
And the exuberant brights.
Really, there’s a look to suit any mood. Now if only changing decor was as easy as shoes! That’s why I invest in big closets.

Monday Work Wear {Spring Boots}

The arrival of spring in Seattle has also brought on an onslaught of spring showers. All the better to keep my favorite boots in rotation. I’m particularly in love with versatile booties that can help you ride out the unpredictable weather.

And while I’ve been hesitant to get on the clog trend, these clog wedges are causing me to reconsider my position.
all looks via vanessa jackman

I hope you keep breakin’ out your boots this week my dears!

Happy Monday.