Monday Work Wear {Spring Boots}

The arrival of spring in Seattle has also brought on an onslaught of spring showers. All the better to keep my favorite boots in rotation. I’m particularly in love with versatile booties that can help you ride out the unpredictable weather.

And while I’ve been hesitant to get on the clog trend, these clog wedges are causing me to reconsider my position.
all looks via vanessa jackman

I hope you keep breakin’ out your boots this week my dears!

Happy Monday.


17 thoughts on “Monday Work Wear {Spring Boots}

  1. Living in Charleston, SC I never thought of “Spring Booties”. This is the time where we get to dust off our favorite peep toe and slingbacks, but if it rains for 5 minutes there is 1″ of standing water, so what a perfect idea!!

  2. The clothes are all beautiful, but what I really want is the last girl's bicycle!!! Just look at those fun pops of color, love!
    XO Katie

  3. You know besides those awesome boots, i think i really need that bike too.

  4. I'm trying so hard to ride out the clog trend. I remember when it was popular before! Which isn't too hard considering my old boss clung tightly to her old ratty 1990's clogs. It was painful to watch.

    Though, I will say that her adorable bike makes the clog wedges easier to swallow.

  5. I totally bought some spring booties on Thursday and I have already worn them twice. I love them and I never realized how much they come in handy.

  6. Love Love the booties… and the bike shot!!

    xx CEO

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