I’m Loving…

A mix and match of grey home decor and vibrant accessories this spring. 

Grey is my usual wardrobe staple and I reserve color for my furnishing or accessories, but I think it would a refreshing way to bring balance to the new season by switching things up. I leave the neutrals at home and bring the color out into the world!

Wedding Wednesday {A Flower Dilemma}

A hazard of planning your own wedding, especially a destination wedding, is hitting your knowledge limit. Well kids, I think I’ve come to that point. With one month to go (exactly!) I’ve hit a snag – flowers.

I have a huge love affair with flowers and have always had an image of how my wedding bouquet would look. That image didn’t include peonies that cost $40 per stem – which apparently is your only option in Mexico!
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As much as it pains me to let the peonies go, I cannot build my bouquet with $40 flowers.
So flower enthusiasts, wedding planners, botanists, amateur gardeners, professional gardeners, grandmas, former and future brides, really anyone who knows about flowers, do you have any suggestions?!
This harried bride would appreciate it so much!