Sole-full Decor {Spring Edition}

I’m loving the mix and match of the spring trends. They provide the perfect amount of versatility and my favorite, tons of sky-high heels. Translate it all into decor and no matter which direction you go, you really can’t take a wrong turn.

You might prefer sweet whites,
Or perhaps spring pinks,
then there are the supple neutrals,
And the exuberant brights.
Really, there’s a look to suit any mood. Now if only changing decor was as easy as shoes! That’s why I invest in big closets.

34 thoughts on “Sole-full Decor {Spring Edition}

  1. so pretty!!! makes me want to buy more shoes. the 1st photo is my fav, bedroom inspiration.

  2. I'm fighting a major shoe addiction as of late (let's be serious) I always am! I'm dying to update my spring shoe collection, and this just may have pushed me over the edge 😉

  3. Perfect collaborations! Style is so indicative of how you live your life… and where you live it in particular.

  4. LOVE this post, what a cute idea!! Those pink heels are to die for, although I'm always hesitant to buy suede shoes since I live in Seattle, too. :-)

  5. You're so creative. I could never decorate a room based on a shoe! Even though it's really hard to choose bc I love them all, I think the pink is my fav.

  6. love love the pairings… thanks for sharing….


  7. I'll take the neutral – shoes and room. Love these pairings. Off to look at others you've done! Marija

  8. you just brightened my day so much by this post! One of my all time favs!

  9. Happy 2 yrs!!! And oh, I sooo love those cute tan shoes with the bows! 😀

  10. im just about renew the lease on my apt, and i have to say thank you for your posts! they inspire me to do something more with this silly place–now that it feels less temporary.

  11. when you pair them like this is not so hard to fall in love with each room and/or pair of heels like these. lovely post *E

  12. this is a fun way of showing what's in and what I love most – interiors and shoes. Love the pink pair the most, but the others are great too.

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