My Bliss {Busy Being Fabulous}

Hi, this is Deb from Busy Being Fabulous!

When Erin asked me to be a guest on her beautiful blog I was very excited. Anyone who is familiar with my  ‘ busy being fabulous’. blog will know my fascination with Scandinavia . So when I was asked  the question ‘ What is your Bliss’ I had an immediate answer.

 I long to travel to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi Sweden.

For me it is a life long dream and up until now every time I have been to Sweden it has been the wrong time of year . 

The making of this extraordinary  Hotel is done by a team of hundreds  durning the icy winter months. 

Each year a new Architect is invited to create their version of this winter wonderland. There is something totally magical about the idea of being amongst walls of ice and refracted light . These images have been beautifully  shot by Jan Jordan ….

For me this is my bliss maybe its yours too ! See more on  my design  blog, Enjoy!

My Bliss {Destination Inspiration}

Hi everyone, Adriana here from Destination Inspiration. I was honoured to be asked by the always lovely Erin to take part in this guest post series, while she’s off getting married! I stumbled across Erin’s blog no more than a year ago and have been an avid reader ever since.

As a lady living as an expatriate in the city of Dubai, I can sometimes feel overwhelmed, busy, or stressed out – so it’s important for me (and everybody else!) to find a moment for ME time.  I find utter bliss in sometimes the most simple of things. So, welcome to my ‘Bliss List’. The top 10 things that totally bliss me out. What are yours?

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My Bliss {A Diary of a Lovely}

Hello all, I’m Helena from A Diary of Lovely. I’m really excited to be guest posting here at Erin´s home while she is enjoying the married life. I’m really excited for gorgeous Erin, she is entering an incredible new adventure in her life and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart (and I can’t wait to see the result of her amazing wedding when she comes back).

When Erin asked me to be part of her guest bloggers I said yes immediately, I’m really honored to be here and very excited to write about what makes me bliss. Now of course, I’m torn, because to be honest, too many things make me bliss. My family and boyfriend and happiness of course in general. But this is about lighter things and at the moment what really makes me bliss and go “aaaah” and “oooh” are gorgeous colorful scarves. I wear scarves all year long so you can imagine I have a good collection, it’s one of the many things I really enjoy buying. Scarves can be worn in so many ways and can dramatically change any possible look. They can add sparkle, coolness, sophistication, anything goes with the right scarf. Here are some of my faves.

I know it’s spring time and that I should be thinking about bikinis and sandals but here it’s still on the cold side so I couldn’t pass this chance to share my passion about scarves. Can you tell that I also love street style? Blissful! 

Thank you Erin, this has been so much fun! Be happy!