{Honeymoon} Wear

With a short week and our honeymoon getaway looming, there’s little else on my mind this week than our trip. Focus on work wear has certainly gone out the window – all I’m doing is mentally packing and repacking my vacation suitcase.

The spring collection from Mara Hoffman is making it a very easy task. 
I’m so excited to rely on dresses while we’re in Europe – a total departure from my usual day-to-day look
I hope you find the opportunity to dress up this week luvies.
Happy short week!
*Mrs. E

Happy {Loooong} Weekend!

Wow, Memorial Day already. How did that happen? Where did the first half of this year go?! 

This weekend it’s another wedding for me – but not mine this time, I swear.
image by Jose Villa via ruby pr
I’m looking forward to the beautiful outdoor affair – especially since I didn’t plan it. 😉 
And if you’re looking for inspiration for your own fete this holiday weekend, check out my guest post at over at design magazine At Home Arkansas
I hope you’re doing something marvelous with your extra day off my dears!
Cheers luvies,
Mrs. E

Anchors Away

My dears, I admit I might be off trend here but when I came upon Daytrip Society, a brilliant online variety shop based in Maine, I was immediately smitten with all of their anchor-based gear. Anchors are still cool right??

Well, even if anchors aren’t the hot thing anymore, I’m loving these options. They’re quite sea-worthy if you ask me! You can check out even more here