Wedding Wednesday {Going On Our Honeymoon!}

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. Wasn’t a destination wedding enough? Or maybe we’d be done after our hometown reception? It would have been easy to just stop there, but I decided to head my father’s advice and take a full fledged honeymoon while I had the chance.

So very soon we depart, yet again, this time for a trek through Europe and I could not be more excited. Our first stop: Amsterdam!
all images by pia jane bjerk via here
It’s a homecoming of sorts, as my grandmother immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands in 1932. I cannot wait to go on a bike ride, take a boat down the canals, visit the Van Gogh museum, and people watch in sidewalk cafes, browse through local shops and discover local hidden gems.
I’m banking all the insider info I can right now, so if you have a favorite spot in Amsterdam, please let me know!

Back to School

Classes may almost be out for summer, but I find myself addicted to the schoolyard-chic of the satchel bag. It’s utilitarian, functional, with the prefect combination of preppy with a side of attitude. 

I officially want.
And the trend means there are lots of lovely options available, in various colors, textures and labels, some more economical than others of course. I think I’d look smart with any of these options though!

Monday Work Wear {Euro-Edition}

What is universally cool, classic and flattering? The Parisian sailor stripe. You just cannot go wrong.

And that’s exactly what you need on a Monday morning, right? A new week shouldn’t be any harder than necessary. 
Happy Monday luvies!
*Mrs. E