I’m Loving…

Crazy cool street style from around the world. These ladies are just oozing a fabulousness that I cannot take my eyes off of. 


I don’t know how those fashion girls pull off some of their amazing looks, but it always seems to work. I just appreciate the inspiration to be a bit more daring in my own day-to-day wear!


20 thoughts on “I’m Loving…

  1. These are all wonderful, so effortlessly beautiful :) I love looking so sophisticated when in fact you are wearing some very comfortable clothes, very cute!

  2. Lucy looks amazing, love her style!! Cool but fancy!
    viele grüsse, kristina

  3. Loving your blog. hope you don't mind I used a couple of your images in my lounge inspiration post.

    Tracey x

  4. I am with you, I am totally loving the style of the girls in the first section of photos. I've been wanting to try out something like that, but I'm just not sure if I could pull off those pants or not.

  5. i love it all! the shoes, the glasses. i wore glasses yesterday and got SO many comments it was startling!

  6. i loved that shoot at helena's home. she's got such great style.

  7. Olive

    I recently discovered Lucy's blog and I can't get enough, but does Helena have a blog?

  8. i spy a fondness of plaid!! i love the lucy lauchts looks [say that 3 times fast]

  9. Karla's one of my faves. Hanneli is gorgeous but her looks are a bit too man-repelling for me, lol! Lucy's a new one for me …she's very chic!

    My Frenchie's name is LeRoy :) …and he's not fixed but if we had a girl we would definitely spay her though. Good luck with yours :) Aren't they the best? I want 10!

  10. Indeed, I have the biggest plaid crush right now! Especially neutral tones :)

  11. Agreed — I think the second and third are my most favorite of all. Fantastic outfits for inspiration.

  12. Wow true inspiration, had I not seen the links to their pages I would have thought you picked them out of a magazine… great shots.

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