I’m Loving…

Billowy blouses. Pair them with cutoffs, skirts or skinny jeans to carry you through the summer.

4770871139_b84b3eb6ed_b via lanalou5458-helmut-lang-by-hanneli-mustaparta_definitelygolden_dddmeredith-melling-burke144315 via sarah klassen
sartorialsit via lots of spots, definitely golden, haute design

And in the winter they can be beautifully layered under blazers and boyfriend sweaters or paired with cropped pants, tights and ankle boots.

anabelajac via jak&jill
by tommy tom via jak&jil

Start scooping up a blouse or two now ladies. I know I will be!


40 thoughts on “I’m Loving…

  1. Loving that last photo! I just wish my shoulders weren't so broad. Then I could pull off the button down look a little better.

  2. I am right there with you! Totally on the radar for me right now! 😉 And I have that Elizabeth & James gorgeous number (pink blouse) on my Shopbop wishlist! Fingers crossed it goes on sale before it's sold out! 😉

  3. Hi, I'm Debby, I am a new follower, love your blog! I am loving the soft pink blouses, great color!! xo

  4. Few items are as effortlessly chic as a blouse like this. Gorgeous! I need more in my life.

  5. Love those looks…the Sartorialist always takes the best shots! I especially love the lightness in the last one!

    p.s. Having a Giveaway today if you'd like to stop over:)

    Julie xo

  6. You are so right, I want that flowy pink one!


  7. loving the first look. i just got a couple gorgeous tees from anthro…new arrivals time-you better get over there!

    i will miss wearing summer wedges..i've been an absolute ADDICT this season. tips for transitioning into fall/winter for shoes???

  8. I just had my client buy one yesterday that was so cute!! These you posted are adorable.

  9. this is nuts, ive pulled almost all of these photos myself! :) great minds think alike. love the return of the blouse!


  10. Thanks for this post as it reminds me how simple and beautiful this look is. And it is perfect for layering with fall soon approaching. The images are lovely.

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  12. ha! and to think I was just searching for the perfect billowy blouse.

  13. I couldn't agree more, Erin.

    I have just one like this, but certainly need to find some more come Fall…

  14. that sartorialist image is to die for. i have been drooling over it for weeks!

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