I’ve Got A Crush

On being brave enough to bike in a skirt,

via ebb & flow

On design in bag that turns out this looking this good,


on fanciful fashion,

4821523366_84cd9a97db_b im loving flower power lanalou

On fall boots and bags,

4840336440_390aa741a3 via lanalou style

On totes for a cause,


and on the amazing work of my blog friends. Thanks again Lovely Clusters!



13 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Crush

  1. Oh wow, I also have a crush on most of these! I would love to bike in a skirt, especially the one in the photo – love it! Surprisingly for me, I am starting to be ready for fall as well and the fashion involved. And I just love those totes for a cause. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

    amber @ http://amberandgang.blogspot.com

  2. great photos! I love anything picture with a bicycle in it. lol

    have a great weekend!


  3. is it just me or are you ready for boot-wearing season? yesterday i asked you about what i should do when i can't wear my summer wedges…i remember…BOOTS! i wore them day in and day out last fall/winter and can't wait to dust them off again … and maype get a new pair or two :)

  4. The girl in that photo is brave–not only is she biking in a skirt but she's also wearing heels!

  5. thanks for the link! i wish i looked as glam on a bike as that picture.

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