13 thoughts on “I’m Loving…

  1. Those Zara boots are ridiculously amazing!! I'm in love.

  2. I just bought this amazing chocolate purse and now I seriously want the second pair of booties. Delish!

  3. On my shopping list….chocolate boots. Found a pair I loved then they were out of my size so I guess I need to order them online. Haven't done that with shoes before….

  4. oh my gosh.. the first boots on the left are to die for. I would wear those all fall. I may have to track them down. Wonderful blog. So glad this Seattle- PDX girl found you. Look forward to following.

  5. HI LOVEY! I just had fun catching up on a few recent posts. I have been meaning to email you for a couple weeks now (grr…!) That dinner party looked amazing (by Kelley L. Moore)…wow. And, more importantly, it was so fun finally meeting you at HGTV! I think there should be a disclaimer stamped across my upper thigh in that pic below (PREGNANT! I AM FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT!)… you know, so as not to frighten the masses?!!

    xoxo melisa

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