Bring It, 2011!

NYE 2011 final
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There are a lot of motivating new year’s resolutions, goals and lists floating around out there. Personally, I’m going with the idea of new year mantras. Reminders to live by on a daily basis. Above is my first one for 2011. I plan to post it on my mirror as a morning smack to the brain to remember to think big.

May your 2010 go out on the highest of notes and your 2011 be filled with endless imagination, opportunity and success!

Till next year luvies,
*Mrs E

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New Year’s Eve Fashion Fix

Did you, like me, fail to find that perfect frock for a rockin’ New Year’s Eve? Take heart, all is not lost. You can ring in the new year with statement making style.

Simply pull out your best LBD ( or insert t-shirt + skinny jeans, tank + mini, cashmere sweater + wide leg trousers per your personal fashionista preference) and add an outrageous statement necklace. Any of these from Tom Binns will do quite nicely.

paddedimage600600-candy paddedimage600600-Touchez-largegemnecklace
paddedimage600600-carmen tom bins 1 paddedimage600600-BN1001-3

Consider your fashion emergency solved and your NYE look practically perfect. I hope you get your new year off to a fabulous start!

I’ve Got a Crush {The Best of 2010}

Looking through all of my crushes from the last year, it is evident that I fall often and hard for the lovely things out there in the world. As I tried to pick my faves, I was swooning all over again. At least my taste is consistent!

I did manage to pick some of my very favorites ~ and I discovered reoccuring themes!

Best Crushes of 2010

I’ve got a crush on eye catching spaces,

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plume1 honestly wtf

On daily inspiration,

ScreenCaptures1592 via everything fab

On shoes, shoes and more shoes.

5092477224_ea9ba460ca_o via little side project

And (perhaps most importantly – though it may be a tie with shoes) on moments in life that make you smile!

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Here’s to discovering a new set of killer crushes in 2011 luvies!

*Mrs. E