Wedding Wednesday {Snapshots}

erin hearts court2
erin hearts court
photography by erin hearts court

Images like these are why I so love weddings – the quick seconds that nobody ever really “sees” but amazing photographers somehow manage to capture.

An emotion, a thought, a fleeting feeling in suspended animation.

Le sigh.

Double Take {Rachel Comey}

For this week’s 4:00 pm fashion fix, I bring you my over the top crush on Rachel Comey. My wallet, on the other hand, doth protest too much.

double take 2

Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered the Rachel Comey doppelganger from Urban Outfitters.

Total perfection, right? Unfortunately, I’m heartbroken once again as the Urban Outfitters option are sold out and I am left to covet from afar. Very very far.