Monochromatic Work Wear

When faced with a short week why not simplify your already rushed morning routine by sticking with one color head to toe.


Black and white are a bit easier to pull together but I love the idea of going big and bold with this season’s brights. Tangerine shift with YSL pumps? Now that’s what I call the perfect uniform.

I hope you have a great week luvies!

images via vanessa jackman, musings on feminity, who what wear

Happy {Reflective} Weekend

Memorial Day is typically the time for a getaway, BBQ’s or parties on the beach. But it’s also a great opportunity to hit the pause button.

tumblr_ljdmpjLXxy1qfy066o1_1280 coffee and cognac

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with that one extra day. I’m thrilled to finally have the chance to be still and catch up on life, on the blog world and on the need to simply sit with my own thoughts for more than one second!

What are you up to this long weekend luvies? Whatever you do, I hope it’s both fun and rejuvenating!

Till next week,
*Mrs. E

image via cognac & coffee