You’re Making Me Blush

Nude hues were all over the spring runways. How delightful would it be to breeze through the day in this stunning Valentino?

astrid-berges-frisbey-ss01 via vanity fair via penny weight
your making me blush

But blush tones aren’t just only the hot thing in fashion. They’re all over the latest interiors too and it’s easy to see why. They make a space so inviting. Like the second dining room in this post, adding even a hint of a blush hue, from a bloom to a bench to a seat cover brings a sense of ease to a space. Using it as the foundation of your color palette feels lush and totally comfortable all at the same time.

I for one am totally head over heels for the look. I suspect the husband will prefer the dress though!

Hats Are the New Umbrella

Seattle refuses to let it’s death grip on February-esque weather go. But at least that forces you to come up with creative fashion solutions to the relentless drizzle.

all about hats

Like embracing hats. They’re pretty much everywhere. And I’m finding them completely fabulous. Who doesn’t love an outfit finishing, look changing, hands-free rain protector all wrapped into one! I’m personally partial to the fedora or cloche, but some can pull off the the panama or classic sun hat. Don’t let the name fool you – sun is not required!

images via hanneli, decorista, vanessa jackman

Wedding Wednesday {If the Shoe Fits}

As many gorgeous bridal white wedding shoes there are out there, there are so many stunning, dramatic alternatives. You really cannot go wrong. We you can, but you don’t have to look far to find amazing options.


I’m adoring the idea of a classic black and white pump. Can you get any classier than Chanel?! But then it’s hard to resist having your ‘something blue’ be your shoes – especially when they’re deeply saturated booties or sparkly Miu Miu pumps!

Then there is still plenty of fun to be had even when when you stick with neutral tones. Ankle cuffs, gray suede with hardware detail or glittery goodness? I do, I do, and I do, thank you very much!

Has pair captured your hearts luvies?

images by alison conklin via merci, w. scott chester via 100 layer cake,  jill thomas via 100 layer cake,  ryan garvin via grey likes wedding, sarah yates via sitting in a treeelizabeth messina via utterly engaged