Wedding Wednesday {Simply Fabulous Flowers}

When planning a wedding you literally have thousands of choices to make. It can be completely overwhelming. But for all you brides out there things just got a little easier.

brides_giselle via elizabeth dye

Bundle four peonies together and call it your bouquet. Done and done! Ok, ok, I realize lots of people like lots of other kinds of flowers, but trust me. Make it easy on yourself. Pick one kind of flower. Bundle them up tight. Wrap a ribbon a around the bottom and check wedding bouquet off your list.

Now doesn’t that feel good?! {You can find a slightly more detailed bouquet making instructions here}

image via elizabeth dye

Do you have wedding dilemmas that you just can’t solve? Are you paralyzed by the decision making? Don’t know where to begin? Or just need a shot of inspiration? Did you know that I now offer wedding design services?!

After 10 years as a professional event planner as part of my day job, I finally decided to marry {pun intended} my experience with my love of fabulous, unique, personal, style-savvy weddings. I am now accepting a limited number of wedding clients for fall 2011 and spring 2012. Email apt34blog {at} gmail {dot} com to find out more!


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  1. This is so helpful.. I actually have three friends getting married this summer! I'll definitely be reffering them to your site=)

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