4:00 PM Fashion Fix: {If the Shirt Fits}

The Acne Wilma wool-crepe top had me at hello. From the black leather trim on the sleeve to its seasonally-appropriate hue, it jumped immediately to the top of my fall must-have list {which is why I put it in my latest loves this week!}.

fashion fix
So I was particularly tickled when I spotted said top on one of my all time favorite style mavens – Miss Hanneli Mustaparta, and man does the lady wear it well!


Adding the turtleneck and then tjuzing the sleeves is brilliant. Mixed together with the jewel toned crop pant, statement sunglasses and white clutch and the look is the epitome of chic.As the days are getting cooler I’d swap out a great ankle boot for her AWang sandals but then you are good to go!

Happy fall fashion season luvies – it really is the best time of year!


14 thoughts on “4:00 PM Fashion Fix: {If the Shirt Fits}

  1. mustard acne + hanneli = got me at hello. Love her, love the look.

  2. ohhh love the mustard seed color! and combining it with the white turtleneck :) so glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog, following you now :) i'm a newbie to the blogosphere so if you have a moment, hope you might have a look and follow too! xo Ellie


  3. See, it's a beautiful color, but such a boxy shape I'd probably never give it a second look. But then I see it looking so stunning on the woman in the bottom image and I'm obsessed! Fashion is an amazing thing…

  4. I love the zipper in the back. I bought some fall shopping items today and indeed it is great to shop in this season :)

  5. That is a phenomenal look! I love it. The top alone is a great piece, but Hanneli sported a TERRIFIC outfit! Love that mustard yellow color…and it totally works with a turtleneck! xoxo

  6. Love this look… so trim! (**running to the treadmill)

  7. Perfect and so chic! I too would pair it with ankle boots for a fantastic fall (almost winter) look.
    So chic!

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