Off to the Races

The holidays are officially in full effect, but I’m still feeling a bit unprepared. We were lucky enough to extend our Thanksgiving weekend by an extra day so I’m hoping the additional time will bring on the festive feeling. Because the season shouldn’t have to be a rat race.

0415-GiorgiaTordiniF_fa via glamour mag for monday after thanksgiving
I decided one way to get in the giving spirit is to have some holiday fun right here on Apartment 34 and I definitely have a litany of merriment planned – beginning later this very afternoon in fact!
So be sure to check back and check often ~ you just never know what holiday surprise will be popping up.
In the meantime, I was feeling like an edition of Noteworthy Newbies was long overdue ~ I hope you find these blogs as dazzling as I have!
Noteworthy Newbies 8.0
Happy Monday luvies,

On the Artisinal Tip

Yes, it’s Black Friday. Yes, crazy sales abound. But this year why not save your pesos for pieces that will hold value worth much more than any 70% off discount will ever save you. Pieces like those sold in the online shop Herriott Grace.

The sweetly stunning kitchen tools and home accessories are each designed and painstakingly made by hand. Each bowl, platter and tray has much heart and beauty as they do utility.


Each one-of-a-kind piece is made at the shop owner’s family farm in Canada. Sadly if you really want one of these treasures you have to act fast – they sell out in as little as 12 minutes. But a gift like this come with a story that begets the price tag.

You can learn more about shop owner Nikole Herriott and her dad (the wood worker) in this month’s issue of Food & Wine here.

Happy holiday shopping luvies,

images via herriott grace