See You Next Year!

Well 2011, it’s been swell, but I think I’m ready to try 2012 on for size.

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Because I have a very good feeling about it!
Before I run away for the long holiday weekend, I thought I’d send you off with a recap of the blog’s latest feature – Noteworthy Newbies – just in case, like me, you plan on excess amounts of lounging during your time off. The brilliance out there in blogland never ceases to amaze and humble me.
Here are five more Newbies that have been driving me wild this week:
2011 Noteworthy Newbies
Cheers to lots and lots of fabulous rule breaking in 2012 luvies,

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Best of 2011 {I’ve Got a Crush}

Crushes are fun. They can be fleeting. They can be intense. They can be completely unrealistic and ideally, completely harmless. What started as an easy way to compile my latest faves turned into my most popular column in 2011 ~ and I love it. What’s more fun than having a crush ? Getting to tell everyone about it, of course!

My favorite collection of 2011 crushes seems particularly fitting for the looming new year. I feel pretty confident you’ll agree…

I’ve {Still!} Got a Crush

On amazing manicures,


On covetable closets,

lonny mag5

On not so mellow yellow,

02_matthewwilliamson_01 via collor collective carven1
main940 by emily henson

On feelin’ good in the skin you’re in,

tumblr_lcok6huoV61qzsy3qo1_500 on freckles via musings in feminity tumblr_le235zcWGA1qfj0d9o1_400 on the skin im in crush on cul de sac

On high-heeled snow bunnies,

IMG_0164 on high heels in the snow via park and cube

On over the top accessorizing {but not on arm parties, just sayin’},

tumblr_lf3237dGfW1qztc9eo1_500 via musings of feminity

And, on my new mantra.

note to self via civetta

It can be your mantra too, it’s cool.

Here’s to a badass 2012 luvies!


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Best of 2011 {Wedding Wednesday}

Weddings used to make me gag. No joke. Until I experienced my own I had no appreciation for the art that can go into the process (if you choose the right team!) That’s why nearly two years after getting hitched {eek!} I still need my weekly wedding fix. Hence the continuation of Wedding Wednesdays.

One of my favorite discoveries of the year was the new style of wedding video – really better described as a wedding film. Rather than a lame camcorder recording of your vows, the wedding film is a true work of art that captures your special day in a personal, moving and totally watchable way. It’s the only thing I regret not investing in for our wedding.

This post is what convinced me the investment is, in fact, worth it.

Wedding Wednesday {Is the Wedding Video Worth It?}

Do you ever watch your wedding video? I didn’t think so. I’ve never been convinced a wedding video is a great investment. If you’re desperate to capture the moment for your future kids a FlipCam or even iPhone video can suffice. With so many other things to prioritize why drop thousands of dollars on 20 minutes of footage that maybe you’ll drag out at the random anniversary. Or so I thought.

I’ve stood hard and firm in this ambivalence about wedding videos….until I saw this.

This could never be called a video. It is a wedding film – and is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever seen.  I had to watch twice. Even now, I want to watch it again and I’ve never even met these people!

{Have you watched it yet – trust me – press play!}

The team behind this jaw dropping work, Paperback Weddings, describe it as photo + cinema. I describe it as freakin’ brilliant.

So, I stand corrected luvies. I still think no one needs a wedding a video, but I’m now a believer that everyone should be lucky enough to have their own wedding film.

What do you think? Are wedding videos worth it?

Bonus: Paperback Weddings just produced another stunning video. If you need even more convincing about how good these things are – watch it here!