Monday Work Wear {Color Craving}

Sorry Tangerine Tango. We realize you’re Pantone’s It color, but there’s a new hue in town. Yellow is coming on very strong and I think it’s about to give orange a run for its money.

The cheery tone is certainly the perfect color to help refresh your wardrobe as we march ever closer to spring.

Be it a mustard blazer, a bright tank or even just the pop of a bold belt, mixing your winter staples with something in the happy hue and your entire look will seem brand new. The color is the perfect jump start for grey sweaters, dark trousers or even your cobalt blue jeans. Here are just a few pieces I’d gladly add to my closet!

During our weekend in Carmel it seemed yellow was everywhere I turned. I came across this sunshine-yellow Rag & Bone blazer while we were there and even though I maintained an amazing amount of self control and walked away this time, I have a feeling it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!

If you need more yellow inspiration, be sure to check out my latest sightings on Instagram!

Wishing you a bright and shiny week luvies,

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City Spotlight {Sweet Decor Shopping in Seattle }

Since I’m enjoying a little mini-vacay this weekend, I thought it was time Miss Maggie of Maggie Rose Interiors came back with her second installment of our Spotlight series focusing on the hidden shopping treasures of Seattle. This time around she’s featuring one of my very favorite haunts. I’ll let her get away with giving out these best kept secrets, just this once! 

It’s Maggie, back with another one of my favorite spots to find vintage and antiques in Seattle. Today’s pick is a Fremont staple, Deluxe Junk. Don’t let the name fool you, they have some killer stuff.

I actually remember coming here as a kid (my parents are master thrifters) and oohing and ahhing over the pretty furniture. Guess I was destined to be a decorator, no?

I love to pop in here for lighting, accessories, and the occasional amazing piece of furniture. They always have great quirky items when you start digging (like the bin of matchbooks I found).

And I was swooning over the lavender chair. Here are the important deets for the next time you visit my fair city.

Place: Deluxe Junk

Location: 3518 Fremont Pl N

Hours: Mon, Fri-Sun 11:30 am – 5:30 pm

Best for: Accessories, killer furniture finds, weird but awesome conversation pieces.

Insider tip: Turnover on furniture is pretty high I’ve found, so don’t dwell! Snap that piece up.

Due to the nature of the post, I can’t guarantee that any of the items pictured are still available, but there is always something good. I’ll be back to share one more spots, so stay tuned!

All photos by Yvonne Wong.

Happy {Come Sail Away} Weekend

Weekend getaways are like wine and chocolate. Absolutely necessary for survival!

Bright and early tomorrow we’re hopping in the car and escaping to Carmel for a couple of days. I couldn’t be happier about leaving the big city  and all its worries behind, even if only for 48 hours. I’m looking forward to nothing but an open road followed by lots of good food, excellent wine and maybe even a walk on the beach!
But I might sneak my iPad in my weekender {I’m so coveting this one!}, just to be able to check out a few interesting things from the week. Things like:
~ Bonnie and Peggy’s road trip recommendations
~ This fashion books sale on One Kings Lane
~ These Oscar Party tips (have you seen any of the nominated movies? I need to get on that!)
~ Sadly I’m missing this awesome event with West Elm & sfgirlbybay. If you’re local to San Francisco you must go! 
But before you do, don’t miss the latest set of rockin’ Noteworthy Newbies! The collection just keeps getting better and better!
Till Monday luvies,

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