Life {& Style} Imitating Art 2.0

Your creativity feeling a little lackluster luvies? Don’t fret – we’re here to fix you right up! I certainly felt reinvigorated when I saw Tamara De Lempicka’s work – a new-to-me artist {as, full disclosure, most artists are!}. Madame Kate, of The Forgetful Wife, is definitely packing an inspirational punch with this week’s column. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! Kate from The Forgetful Wife here. I’m so happy to be back at Apartment 34 for another installment of Life {& Style} Imitating Art. 

I was inspired by the recent resurgence of the Art Deco era. With the much talked about remake of “The Great Gatsby” and art deco design elements finding their way onto the runways (as well as our closets), it seemed appropriate talk about it here. The term “Art Deco” is essentially short for Arts Décoratifs (decorative arts) and covers most forms of design: fashion, jewelry, interior and architecture.

This style – made popular in the 1920’s and 30’s – is highly stylized with lots of geometric shapes. This brings us to one of my favorite female artists, Tamara De Lempicka. She’s considered to be the first “glamour star” artist – famous both for her artistic talent and bohemian lifestyle.  Her painting style is very distinct, clear and elegant. The Blue Scarf, painted in 1930, is a great example of art deco art at its best.

Tamara De Lempicka

The palette – a combination of soft neutrals, vibrant pops of color, and the clean lines and shapes, provide the perfect inspiration for a chic, day-time look and a minimalistic home office space. Here are my Tamara inspired picks!

tamara de lempicka post

Are you loving the art deco resurgence as much as we are!?

Double Trouble

You know what they say, you can’t get too much of a good thing, right? This certainly holds true for the stunning kaleidoscope of colors in these two lusty-worthy pieces.

They seem to cut from the same stunning cloth….

Mary Katrantzu prints have been rapidly rising on my must-invest list. This mesmerizing mini would be a great place to start since it was made for Topshop! {If only it hadn’t sold out in 5 minutes flat}

The Bocci 28.37 chandelier is equally eye-catching. Made up of individual hand-blown glass pendants, each one is one of a kind. The cacophony of color would be the perfect focal point in an all-white dining room, perhaps with a black Saarinen table beneath, set for the dinner party I’ll host in my Mary Katrantzou….oh I can see it now.

Le sigh. Double trouble indeed.

Guest Post: Top Wedding Gift Tips

Hi all, Caitlin of Sacramento Street here. First and foremost. I want to wish a huge happy anniversary to Mrs. Erin and Mr. Chris. As they’re enjoying their second anniversary getaway, Erin asked me to share some fun wedding anniversary gifts they could give one another this year. Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniversary gift – symbolizing durability and versatility. There no better place to invest in durable essentials than for your home.

1. Bathrobes – There really isn’t anything more luxurious than to wrap yourself in a cozy robe. His/Her robes are the perfect treat to give each other.

2. John Robshaw Sheets – I live and die for my John Robshaw sheets. They are clean, crisp and most importantly so fun to mix and match. All the amazing patterns pair together so well. My current favorite is Cinde Coffee.

3. Napkins – Erin’s favorite color to wear and decorate with is red – small pops of red in her accessories area  must for her. These Les Indiennes napkins are great for everyday use or dinner parties in her loft (hint, hint!)

4. Towels – You can never have enough sets of super soft towels.

I hope these two have an amazing anniversary – happy two years and here’s to many more!