Color Craze {Aren’t You a Peach}

If you’re feeling dour, I have the remedy for turning your frown around. A shot of peach to your system and you’ll be feeling light, bright and good as new in no time. You only have Whitney to thank. I know I’m grateful for this week’s edition of Color Craze!

Hello again to all Erin’s luvies! This week I’m feeling pretty girlie with this peachy selection, from a light peachy pink accent on your hand to a cookbook featuring fruit recipes for all the farm-to-table lovers out there, I think there’s  a perfect spot of peach for everyone.

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I almost died over the precious, soft peachy leather shoes. Oh, those laces! I would be so afraid to wear them outside or get them dirty. I’m sure I would end up putting them on a shelf to simply be admired.

I’m also all about the surprisingly sweet combo of grey and peach (I wouldn’t have put those two together!), but the delicate lacy number would be perfect for a summertime shower, brunch or wedding.

And don’t even get me started on that tote bag (peach + mint = heaven!) or the lovely striated, watercolor pillow. I definitely want some of that.

A peachy palette so easily lends itself to an easy-on-the-eyes color scheme for a wedding, I couldn’t help but add a gorgeous bouquet of peonies and ranunculus!

And if you only want a touch of peach I highly recommend a little bangle or two to top off the wrist. As a complimentary color it will blend nicely with your entire summer wardrobe.

How are you feeling about this peach-tastic palette?

Sweet Seats

As we’ve settled into the loft life, we’re now hitting the point where I’m ready to fill in the gaps. You know the ones I’m talking about, those holes that weren’t necessities out the outset, but now your space is begging for it?

In our case, that hole is that empty corner in the living room,  just begging for an occasional chair. It’s that piece that might feel frivolous since it’s not necessarily used daily, but comes in so handy in a pinch. And chairs add such unique character to a space. They just seem to ooze personality.

I’m thoroughly inspired by this modern loft and it’s perfectly placed seats. The modern lines of each chair add architectural sophistication without weighing the room down. Exactly what I’m in the market for!

That’s why I swooned when I spied these options from the Inoda + Sveje Design Studio. Works of art in and of themselves, I’d love to have the swivel in my {home!} office and a single dining chair would be the perfect match for my little empty corner.

How about you luvies? Which one do you adore?

image via here

Where/Wear {Safari Style}

For the latest installment of Where/Wear Tobe and Gaby thought global and I’m loving the results! Who’s ready to hop a plane withe me?!

Hi everyone! Gaby and Tobe here with another installment of Where/Wear, where we take cues from a single item, occasion, environment or trend and turn it into both a room (Tobe’s job) and an outfit (Gaby’s job).

This week we’re feeling inspired by this gorgeous vintage brass elephant. With the tribal fashions we’ve seen this spring, there is no doubt this pachyderm will have you ready to take a safari expedition. Whether you want to hit the streets looking safari chic, or bring this trend home, we got you covered with an African-inspired look and nook.

There’s nothing that speaks more safari than earth tones and a belted utility jacket with multiple front pockets, right? Paired with a linen tee, add beautiful blush shorts for just a hint of color and the right amount of delicacy to keep your look feminine. A fedora hat and sunglasses are a must to protect your face from the sun, and the astonishing tribal looking necklace sure takes your outfit to a whole new level with the perfect amount of edginess. And of course, you can’t go on a safari without being camera ready, so this leather camera strap will keep your camera handy to make sure you don’t miss any shots. The wooden, chunky wedges and exquisite handbag are just what you need to complement your look. The bag will hold all that extra stuff that you want to keep handy but out of the way. And because we couldn’t resist to throw on an animal themed accessory, we thought that the quirky giraffe bangle would get you in safari mood instantly.

For an easy breezy outdoor-inspired room, nothing says relaxed quite like a sea grass daybed. We’re thinking our indoor patios are begging for a look like this one to beat the upcoming summer heat. I mean, you know it’s going to be a hot one this year! Dress it up with cushions in bold tropical palm prints and natural fibers (a bit of mirrored glam never hurt anyone). A dark-stained faux bamboo side table adds some contrast to the brightly dressed seating, and creates the perfect pedestal for a stunning lamp in white ivory with an oh-so-feminine pink linen shade. Add another layer of pattern with this handcrafted dot tray. The round mirror makes a shiny statement on the wall, its feathered details complementing our theme perfectly. An unexpected jolt of color with some modern turquoise candlesticks finishes off the look while contrasting nicely with some undeniably on trend polished horn table-top accessories.
What you get is a cohesive look with a subtle theme, which is essential for creating a relaxed place to hang out with others or enjoy all to yourself. And don’t be afraid to take this look to the street! We assure you you’ll look as chic as if you were going on an expedition through the dusty roads of Africa.