Wedding Wednesday {Tied Up In Strings}

As an admitted paper addict, I’m always on the lookout for top notch wedding-related cards, invites and stationary. That’s why I’m loving the sweet new London-based line, Brown Paper.

Created by two cousins, designers Sarah and Juliette have struck a lovely chord with their modern typography and clean design. I’m particularly smitten with their confetti card line. It has just the right amount of sparkle and shine for a congratulatory sentiment. And it appears a notebook line is in the works as well {how did they know my ultimate weakness??}.

I’m definitely planning on stocking up, but I’ve got to get them to come to San Francisco first! If you’re in Portland, New York, LA or Minnesota {huh?!} consider yourselves lucky!


Tasty Tuesday {Good Eats & Great Spaces 2.0}

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” I couldn’t agree more with M.F.K Fisher. 

There’s nothing better than making and eating amazing food. Well, perhaps other than finding amazing spaces to cook it in. While I’m forced to wait on my dream kitchen, I’m making a point to bank as many stellar recipes as I can. For the second installment of Good Eats & Great Spaces, I’ve found the ultimate indulgence – a guilt-free donut and a stunning light filled kitchen!

Le sigh.

The uber-talent Caitlin of Roost has done it again. She’s created a gluten free, sugar free baked donut that sounds absolutely as delicious as it looks. I wish I’d stumbled upon this recipe in time to enjoy it over the long weekend, but who says you can’t eat donuts on Wednesdays?!

For the complete recipe and  instructions, head over to Roost. And if you whip up a batch let me know. I would love to compare notes.

As for the dream kitchen, let me know know if you find it!

kitchen via here, donut recipe & photography by roost

Monday Work Wear {Collectibles}

While we’re enjoying a holiday in the states today, I couldn’t let the rest of you start the week empty-handed. So here’s a little work-wear inspiration from the latest JCrew Collection. It’s subtle, sophisticated and sehr chic.

 My cart currently runneth over.

Here’s to keeping it simple this week luvies!