Since moving to San Francisco, the huz and I have had one rule. No eating at the same place twice. There is just too much amazing food everywhere we turn. But, as we all know, rules are made to be broken and when we discovered Bar Tartine, it immediately became our exception.

SF Spotlight Bar Tartine by Belathee photography
Opened nearly 10 years ago by the dynamic duo Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt, who are also behind famed Bay Area bakery Tartine, Bar Tartine has recently expanded and brought in a new chef Nicolaus Balla, who is turning out dishes that are as delicious as they are beautiful.
Based on local, seasonal ingredients with a bit of an Eastern European twist, every single thing we’ve had at Bar Tartine has been bursting with color, flavor and an obvious dose of care and love. It was so fun to come in and meet the restaurant manager Vinny and learn a few behind the scenes secrets.Vinny described the restaurant as a place of curiosity. The chefs work with their farmers three to four seasons out to understand what product will be available and plan their menus accordingly. They in fact are starting their own farm in Sonoma grow their ingredients themselves. Now that is a labor of love.

I was in awe to discover the effort that goes into everything. For example, each of the 250 loaves that the bakery makes each day are done by hand and that when they’re out, they’re out! Or that Bar Tartine makes all of its own preserves, herb and spice mixes, ketchups, cured meats and soft cheeses. Nom nom nom.

If you’re visiting the city or have lived here for years, I highly recommend you give Bar Tartine a try. You’ll likely see a few menu items you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll get treated as if you were a good friend by the exceptionally kind staff, you’ll eat the best bread you’ve ever had in your life, and you’ll leave thinking only about the next time you’ll be back.
Thanks so much to the entire team at Bar Tartine for letting us come play in their lovely space. And a major thank you to Belathee Photography for these stunning images!!
Happy Sunday luvies,

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  1. I'm really impressed at your “no place twice” rule. I live in Berkeley, and despite the plethora of amazing places, I tend to settle in to a fave few. Good for you! Love, LOVE Bar Tartine, by the way.

    xo Kim

  2. I love Bar Tartine and Tartine – both are on my list of “Musts” anytime I am in S.F.

    The food is amazing – and there is a really romantic quality, to me at least, about the ambiance.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed Bar Tartine – it has been my favorite/go-to restaurant for years. Usually I prefer to try new restaurants, but there is something to be said for having a good one “in the pocket” as it were. (Also – lovely blog!)