Happy {Fresh Start} Weekend

Phew…the end is in sight! Or is it the beginning? As September comes to a close it’s hard to believe we’re fully engrossed in fall, the holidays are around the corner and another year is going to come a close sooner than we realize. Have I given you a total panic attack yet?!

Thankfully, we’re slowly settling into the new loft. I’m beginning to see things evolve from a mess into a home. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely. Chloe certainly loves her new perch in our window seat!

While the days immediately following a move are always the most frustrating, I know that in a few short weeks the boxes will be gone, the clutter put away and then the real styling fun can begin! I’m counting the minutes, but trying to keep myself focused on the good times to come.

I hope you enjoyed all the decor inspiration we featured this week. I’m so grateful to everyone who submitted posts. We got so many you may see a bonus one or two this weekend. And if we didn’t already add to your shopping list, check out my favorite picks from the Barneys Home Collection! They asked me to pick a few fall inspirations!

I’m doing my best to hold off from making any major purchases….but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out! Can you?

Till Monday luvies,

image by me, quote via here

Live Here, Decorate With This {The Best for Last}

If there was one room I wanted to move into after all we’ve featured this week, this is it. I have a strong suspicion you’re going to agree! Simplicity really is the new black! Take notes luvies.

Hello Apartment 34 readers! My name is Tina Ramchandani, author of Life in Sketch. While Erin is relocating from one lovely loft to another, I’ll be keeping you company with another edition of Live Here, Decorate With This. I would love to hang out in a neutral living room with both soft tones as well as pops of black. As an interior designer, I honestly feel this living room has a nice balance of both masculine and feminine features. I hope you enjoy the decorative items I’ve chosen to decorate this living area with!



living room by patrick kline via lonny, decorative sources from left to right: via // via // via // via // via


Live Here, Decorate With This {So Nice, Had to Post Twice}

Despite sharing a black & white color palette yesterday, it’s just to good to not share another. Thanks to The Wear to go Girls for providing the inspiration for the soon to be Apartment 34 offices.


Hello Apartment 34 readers, Jamie & Mel from The Wear to go Girls here!  We’re really excited for Erin on her  new move. Although moving itself can be a bit of a drag, the pay off is the fun of decorating a new space, which Erin has proved she is amazing at!

We decided to honor new beginnings in our installment of Live Here, Decorate With This and bring you this modern black and white palette. There’s something refreshing and energizing about a crisp back drop.  The possibilities seem endless don’t you think?


To get this so fresh and so clean vibe we mixed neutral accessories and for those of you who need some color, a little lime green to add a pop, but maintain the energetic feel. Graphic prints add lots of visual interest and these pillows picture perfect. We also wanted to keep the vibe fun and the metallic pig bank we found makes us happy!

Cheers to embarking on new adventures, a new home and endless decorating possibilities. We can’t wait to see it unfold!