Monday Work Wear {Layer It On}

Hey people, did you catch that today is the first of October? What the what?! At least that means we can officially take advantage of the best thing about fall – layering!

Take a cue from the Korean line Low Classic – I’m obsessed with the draped shapes and cool color palettes. I just wish this collection wasn’t from back in 2010!

These look have all your key ingredients for proper layering: tights, blazers, oversized sweaters, hoodies, hats and scarves. Each piece is like a little detail dropped into the narrative of a well told story. They add that nugget of interest that keeps you coming back for more.

I can’t wait to play the fall mix and match game. If you want to try your hand at it, here are a few pieces you might consider adding to your fall rotation.


6 thoughts on “Monday Work Wear {Layer It On}

  1. I wish it was 50 or 60 degrees in LA, you make me want to jump into my cashmere sweaters! I really enjoy the design of your blog, its so refreshing, I have listed you on my blog roll, just started blogging 14 days ago!

    The leather jacket and grey sweater, seem fabulous!


  2. Okay im hooked- love it all!! And the jackets…ahh i need a nice fall go to coat! Thanks for posting xo

  3. I am a layer addict! It’s gotten so bad that I still wear layers in the Summer … in Miami. Addict, I tell you!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

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