Happy {Keep Calm} Weekend

Luvies, this week has felt flipped upside down. I’ve been twisted, turned and knocked down. But I was thrilled to wake and realize that today is in fact Friday, as I so need time to regroup, recharge and steady myself for what’s ahead.

Thankfully, this weekend we’re  revealing in one of the best parts of San Francisco – immediate proximity to wine country. There really is no better way to soothe the soul. I’m also ready to kick the loft life into high gear – it’s time to get this place lookin’ presentable. I’ve been banking quite of bit of inspiration here.

There were quite a few fabulous things happening around the web this week too:

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~ This will get you in the Halloween spirit

~ This will get you hungry

~ This will get your creative juices flowing {and enter you to win a $500 shopping spree} Even more info {and fabulous fashion!} here, here, and here

~ And remember, you can also enter this week’s Nate Berkus book giveaway – we won’t pick the winner till Sunday!
Have a wonderful, low-key weekend!
Till Monday luvies,

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Just Hangin’ Around

Lofts, as you know, come with extraordinarily high ceilings. What they don’t come with is an instruction manual about how to design around them. Or perhaps with them would be the more accurate thing to say.

High ceiling are a design element in and of themselves, but even after living in a loft space for more than a year, I’ve found myself rather stumped on how to best capitalize on them. Thankfully, I think I stumbled upon a solution in the Etsy shop AMRadio {My good friend Kirsten pinned them so you’ve likely seen it making the rounds}!

I’m contemplating a mix of their super cool handmade brass mobiles ~ cuz there’s nothing childish about these guys ~ with their wooden bead plant hangers.


They are the perfect mix of modern and a 70’s throwback, but in a good way. Of course after pinning my favorite piece, it sold out, but I’m going to be keeping my eye on AMRadio.

Because remember, decorating a home is all about assembling a great collection that tells your story. I’m thinking a corner with these dropped from the 20 foot ceilings would be the loveliest of tales!

Reality Bites

Sometimes you have a moment when those balls you’ve so deftly thrown into the air all come unceremoniously crashing down on your head.

This happens to be one of those moments.

I’ve got a very exciting project in the works that I cannot wait to share with you luvies, but for today…I’ve got nada. I do hope you’ll forgive me.

There is that wonderful little giveaway for you to enter though!


Thanks for your understanding,

photo via takanna