Happy {Run for the Hills} Weekend

I don’t know about you luvies, but this weekend we’re making a break for it! After criss crossing the country for Mark and Graham {holy wow New York City is fabulous at Christmas, you weren’t kidding!} we are taking one more trek this weekend.

I’m packing my bag yet again, but this time hopping in the car for a little wine country getaway. The kind where I pretend the internet doesn’t exist. I cannot wait.

Here are a few things I did manage to catch this week:

~ This gift guide is like an almanac for Christmas shopping

~ So is this one

~ This looks delicious

~ This looks beautiful

~ This looks fun

~ This looks hard!

And here are a few other things you may have missed.

~ A Loft Life Sneak Peek and Chandelier DIY

~ I shared my personal style for fall

~ This is my secret to the perfect winter wardrobe. It only involves 1 item!!!

Excited to finally get to share all the other crazy things that have been going on around here next week luvies!


Till Monday,

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The City that Never Sleeps

Checking things off my bucket list by being in New York City this week. The crisp cold air, the wonderfully decorated store windows, the Christmas Tree lighting…

This is my first time being here during the holidays and I am loving it. Walking through the city streets leaves you feeling so festive….and unbelievably exhausted.

Please excuse me while I savor my last few moments in the Big Apple.

I’ll be back in San Francisco momentarily, to host this tonight!

I think all I want for Christmas is sleep!!


Wedding Wednesday: Don’t Mess with the Dress

There are a few things that can make you stop in your tracks. An awe-inspiring dress is one of them, at least for me! A few weeks ago a lucky group of fellow bloggers got the ultimate treat – a private parade of dramatic gowns all designed by Sarah Seven. Though known for her wedding dresses, and each one we saw was stunning, it was this gold floor length number that really took my breath away.

That’d be me, with serious fashion googly-eyes.

Now I just need need a reason to wear it. Do I hear New Year’s Eve anyone? But yet again, do dresses like these really need a reason??

See all the gorgeous details from our brunch on StyleMePretty here.

images by megan clouse