Monday Work Wear {Beanies, Baby!}

After spending a long weekend shivering in Seattle’s freezing fog, I’ve suddenly rediscovered my appreciation for the beanie!¬†They’re lightweight, portable, functional, and apparently the accessory de jour!

It’s rather easy to keep the look quite casual. Simply slip on a pair of print jeans, a vintage tee and a brightly hued bomber jacket. It’s urban chic at its best. The more challenging task is to take the beanie in a sophisticated direction, but, as the monochromatic ensemble above illustrates, it can be done.

Black on black on black is relatively fool proof and the pointy-toed heel will always take your outfit to a professional professional level. Bonus: beanies are also a great solution for a bad hair day!

I’m very tempted to create a little beanie collection. You’d want a variety of options to suit the changes in your sartorial mood, right? What do you think? Are you a fan of the beanie? Would you rock one to the office??

beanie 1 | beanie 2 | booties | fair-isle sweater | glasses | bag | beanie 3 | beanie 4 | watch | tassel key ring |cape

images via garance dore & vanessa jackman


10 thoughts on “Monday Work Wear {Beanies, Baby!}

  1. Depends on the office! I work at a pretty low key social services agency, and I would absolutely rock that beanie. But my internship is at a nursing home and it’s pretty stuffy. There is no way I would feel comfortable keeping it that casual. I love beanies though, they are so laid back and comfortable.

  2. I love a good beanie, but I would never be able to swing it at the office! It’s a great weekend look though.

  3. I’m a big fan of the cable knit option in the middle!

  4. I think beanies look so cute and effortless – I don’t think I could rock one all day at the office (despite working for a creative company, imagine that) but they are perfect for chilly weekends!

  5. I like the IDEA of a beanie. I’ve just always hated wearing hats. My husband is always bugging me to put on a hat when it’s cold outside, but I can’t seem to find one I like. Might be high time to suck it up and at least go find a cute one that I can live with!

  6. absolutely! with the cold temps, it’s a necessity here. love having a good collection of toques and always looking to add to it!

  7. Agree with the consensus that I’d probably never rock a beanie in a board room, but I think you could have fun with the look if you’re in more creative industries. It’s certainly useful given the cold snap going on right now!

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