Idea to Steal {9}: DIY to Die For


We’ve talked about peg boards before {here!}, but this is an entirely new spin. Here we’re throwing functionality to the wayside and focusing on form. In this instance, three peg board panels are stacked side by side creating a simple yet impactful headboard. It’s providing textural detail and an amazing focal point in the space.

The monochromatic color palette is also soothing and luxe all at the same time, like a super chic hotel room. Who doesn’t want to drift to sleep in their own private oasis from the world.

Finally, one DIY that even I could handle! The only question left is when can I move in {and where can I find a throw like that!!}!

image via here


8 thoughts on “Idea to Steal {9}: DIY to Die For

  1. That is awesome. I would never have thought to use a peg board like that!

    • Right?! It’s such a creative use of peg boards … and such a simple DIY that seems almost failproof!

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