Today I wanted to visit a too-often ignored component of your work wear. Your hair! Who can admit to wearing basically the same hairstyle everyday?  {I can, I can!}

When I spied this mini editorial by JCrew, it wasn’t the necklaces that caught my eye, but rather the messy up-dos! I think they’d be the perfect work-hair solution for those of us, such as myself, who lack sophisticated hair-styling skill.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.12.13 AMhair3hair

This hairstyle is broken into three parts. You start by pulling a chunk back off your forehead with a nice bit of volume and a good deal of messy texture. This is when a bit of frizz is a good thing!

Your next step is to twist and pin random pieces toward the back, anchoring everything around the third component – a messy bun that sits about ear-height. That height feels a little more professional than the top-knot and less severe than a low chignon.

The critical component to achieving the perfectly undone hair is the texture. You can get away without washing your hair for a day or two, but product is most definitely required. I only recently discovered the joy of texturizing sprays and the amazing things they do to my extremely fine hair. Suddenly it’ll stay where I want it to rather than fall flat!

You just want to be sure to not over do it. I’ve found flipping my head upside down and giving a quick all around spritz works great. You want to work everything into the scalp at the roots to build in the height we’re looking for.

After doing a bit of research, here is a handfrul of the most-recommended product options:

shop 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

The one thing I’m still on the hunt for is the very best dry shampoo. Everyone sings its praises, but I’ve yet to try one that I really love. If you have any recommendations please do let us know in comments! I’m ready to do some serious product testing.

So what do you think friends? Would you wear the un-done look to the office or do you think it needs to be reserved for the weekend?

Regardless, here’s to feeling fabulous and un-fussy this week!

What do you think?

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  1. Those messy updos are just perfect. They are hard to achieve though without looking like you literally just rolled out of bed. I’m obsessed with dry shampoo, especially because I have bangs which can get greasy by the end of the day, but I just spray them and they are good to go for the night.
    I use Batiste in the floral sent. I love it! I’ve tried the expensive ones like bumble and bumble and a couple others from sephora but none of them work better in my opinion than batiste.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. I have maybe four different dry shampoos in my bathroom closet but find myself reaching for Klorane more often than not; it’s a powder rather than a spray and works best on my very thin, very fine hair. I’m curious to read about what works for everyone else — there’s always room for more!

    1. Do you mean powder like it comes in a baby-powder bottle, not a spray bottle? This is going on my testing list!

  3. I do the undone updo on a regular basis as I’m a teacher and have very limited time in the morning for primping. Since I have fine, naturally stick-straight hair, my secret is teasing a bit at the crown, pulling the hair back and securing tight with an elastic, then gently pulling and loosening bits around the crown to create volume, and finally pinning pieces from the pony in loops, twists, and knots. Ta-da!

    1. Teasing! I should have included that in the steps. It really does do wonders for creating perfect texture!

  4. I love bed head. Rumpled and pretty. I was looking through a j.crew catalog with my mom a few months ago and she just kept saying that she didn’t get it. She would love an outfit, a pair of glasses, but not love the hair. I thought it was so interesting. Dry shampoo helps get the trick done on this fine hair. Put it in the night before and sleep on it- perfection! xo

    1. Moms–they always get so nervous around messy hair! What I love about a messy bun is that you can also wear a really bold piece of jewelry or clothing and no one will accuse you of being too dressed up!

  5. Since I dye, blow dry, and straighten my hair I started washing my hair only every other day in hopes of improving my hair’s condition (and save on time.) I always resorted to putting it up in a ponytail because my hair is oily and no matter how much dry shampoo I used, my hair still felt dirty. Now that I have a chin length bob I have been washing it every day again.

  6. Sachajuan Volume Powder does wonders for my fine hair. It’s one step beyond a dry shampoo and really gives my hair some grip and texture. It’s about $30 at sephora – a splurge but worth it cuz nothing else even comes close for me.

  7. I swear by suave keratin infusion dry shampoo! I have tried the high end dry shampoos and all that are available in the drugstore. Once Suave came out with this dry shampoo I am no longer on the hunt for a dry shampoo! This one is great because it smells absolutely wonderful and it does not leave a gray/white haze on your hair! I hope if you try it you love it is as much as I do! 🙂

  8. I try to mix it up for the office a bit. Some days it’s more done and others, like today, it’s a top knot redone from yesterday’s curly hair. Loved seeing these product ideas for something new! xoxo, MJ

  9. I really wish I could do styles like this with my hair, because it gets boring wearing the same thing every day to school! But unfortunately my hair is really think and straight, and there’s ridiculous amounts of it – so I’d either have to use a lot of product on it or get a hair stylist to attempt this.
    I really wish I could though, it really looks beautiful! And all the jewellery you could wear…