Idea to Steal {12}: Tie One On


There’s something fabulous about the casual ease of a disheveled light fixture. It gives a stylish yet unpretentious twist to a space. That’s why this DIY light is this week’s Idea to Steal.

I’d love to drop something like this from a high height over an end table as an alternative to a lamp or make one a focal point over my dining table. Sure, there’s some debate among electricians as to their safety, but no one can argue with their seriously cool style!

image for lamų slėnis via koolandkreativ



5 thoughts on “Idea to Steal {12}: Tie One On

  1. Chris

    This version looks really cool, but some of the others on the site you linked to just look lazy…. IMO.

  2. What a cool way to represent the famous saying of “tieing one on”. Time for a beer to celebrate!, cheers!.

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