Monday Work Wear: Serious Sunnies Style

Now that August is here, we can’t wait to dive into a fresh monthly theme! And this month’s theme is….beauty! All month we will be talking about ways to be beautiful inside and out. From taking care of your body, to our favorite beauty products and trends, we’re going be covering it all. It’s the perfect time to of year to give yourself that extra push into feeling great!

One of the first ways to feeling fabulous on the outside is a killer outfit. The easiest way to turn a basic look into a head-turner? Accessories! This includes everything from your handbag to your shoes…and even your sunglasses! I had long been skeptical about investing in sunglasses – I was always terrified I would set them down and leave them somewhere. But in actuality, when you purchase sunglasses you love, you keep track of those puppies like nobody’s business!

Before summer makes its exit, take advantage of the end of season sales, invest in a pair that really make you look and feel great. These ladies show us that eye catching sunnies really do make the outfit!



get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // // 6

Whether you’re a fan of tortoise, round, cat eye or the latest hot look – mirrored – there is a pair of sunglasses out there that have your name on it. They are an accessory that you can enjoy not only the rest of the summer, but all year long.

That last pair of clear sunnies are staring at me – which are your favorites?!

1 via // image 2 via Muse Magazine photography by Lachlan Bailey // 3 via // 4 via We The People // 5 via Grazia France // 6 via 


15 thoughts on “Monday Work Wear: Serious Sunnies Style

  1. I love a good cat eye! I never leave the house without a good pair of sunnies. Great picks!

  2. All about #4. Have been looking for the opportunity to buy a new pair – maybe this is it! Thanks!

  3. Couldn’t agree more about accessorising… the making (and breaking) of an outfit. Shades bring instant GLAMOUR to even the most knackered looking mum. Take it from somebody who knows!!!

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