Not Quite Summer, Not Quite Fall

It’s that time of year. Fall is supposed to be here but seems nowhere in sight. Leaves aren’t changing and weather heats up yet again. Despite the yearning for a fresh season, I’m happy to take this little time in between to soak up outdoor dinner parties and golden sunsets–it’s Indian Summer, after all!

Indian Summer is the perfect time to do a little blending! We can hold onto some bright colors while introducing fall’s new hues in the mix. We’re loving the mashup of a burnt orange and a golden yellow and oxblood all in one palette!


The suede oxblood booties would look great paired with a white shift dress for an evening party. If it’s on the colder side, throw on some distressed skinnies, a beige silk tee and bust out the Philip Lim bag. And don’t forget the statement necklace–one in an earth tone color palette is perfect!

Around the house, put away the really poppy colors and swap them for a deeper yet still bright accent. We’re obsessed with orange right now and in a more brick, orangey-red it really looks sophisticated. This floor lamp is perfect for lighting a reading nook strategically situated by the door–so that you can enjoy the warm breeze passing through! You can still have fun with catchy prints, but make sure they’re paired down now. The golden tones of this geometric pillow make it work all the way through Thanksgiving. Same goes for this subtle zigzag throw with a fun jolt of persimmon orange!

It wouldn’t be Indian Summer without a party or two on the rooftop. Serve a gorgeous heirloom tomato chickpea salad. Yum. And really get the party started with this grownup Gin, peach and ginger cocktail!

We have a glorious couple of weeks to enjoy this special transitional season. What do you have planned? Whatever the fun may be, cheers to an unforgettable Indian Summer!


2 thoughts on “Not Quite Summer, Not Quite Fall

  1. SF’s Indian Summers are the best summers. It’s like San Diego decides to visit for a month.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Jen

    This is the best time of year in NorCal–as much as I enjoy ogling all of the East Coast blogger’s fall outfits, I’m very happy to continue wearing sandals for a while more.

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