Photography Series: {Alice Gao}

Alice Gao is one of the most talented food and lifestyle photographers out of New York City. Her food photography is absolutely stunning- you know the ol’ instagram my coffee from above shot? We’re all just trying to live up to Alice’s famous coffees!

She not only has the coffee shot down, but specializes in interiors and beautiful still-lifes as well. Some of my favorite shots are of her peonies- she manages to capture every ounce of beauty in the flower. We’re just obsessed with her work and can confidently say, we’re not alone!


If you don’t already, you can follow Alice on her blog to keep up with her projects and daily shots of inspiration. Her Instagram is also epic. Anybody out there an Alice fan? I mean, how can you not be?

images via Lingered Upon // photography by Alice Gao 


11 thoughts on “Photography Series: {Alice Gao}

  1. I am utterly in love with the simple photographs of tea cups – it’s a true talent to be able to make the simple things in life look beautiful. The peonies are incredible too, such an interesting way to capture them.

  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous…. so serene. I love the one of the gold-rimmed coffee cup.

  3. Chelsea

    I just love her. She has such perfect style- her photos and wardrobe!

  4. Beautiful pictures, some people just have the ability to capture things so perfectly. Love the simplicity of the footprints in the snow.

  5. What a talented young lady. Absolutely love these photographs. x

  6. Beautiful photos, especially the one of the coffee and the tea cup!!

  7. I love Alice! Her photography is simply stunning and I love how her instgram feed receives thousands of likes in a few minutes.

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