Designer Files: {“The Middle of the Map of Happiness”}

In Denmark, Barbara and Jan have found the epitome of an urban oasis smack dab in “the middle of the map of happiness.” After living in bustling London for quite some time, they realized they needed a quieter retreat to raise their kids. They found an amazing 70′s style home equipped with gorgeous sliding doors, open floor plan and lush garden- perfect, I’d say!


Now, you all know that I’m a lover of clean design but my heart also skips a beat when I come across a carefully collected home with gorgeous mid century touches. Like the sleekness of that leather and chrome sofa, topped with the most gorgeous Kilim pillows. However, the real show stopper in the room? That fiddle leaf fig tree! If only mine grew to half that size I would be a proud mama.


The heirlooms in this house all have the most amazing stories behind them which makes for such a cozy environment to raise kids. The “X” chair above was designed by Jan’s grandfather and offered as a gift to his grandmother upon the birth of their son. Throwing the sheepskin on it makes it feel like a modern treasure- something that would go for big bucks in an antique shop!


I’m smitten over this cozy home. The layout feels bright and open and that may be due to my absolute favorite room: the dining room. Look at those windows and sliding doors leading right into the backyard. The white brick is perfect and that black and white pendant is such a good piece!

Although I’ve found my middle of the map happiness in San Francisco, I wouldn’t mind at all having this retreat in my back pocket. What about you?

images via Milk Magazine



8 thoughts on “Designer Files: {“The Middle of the Map of Happiness”}

  1. This house is gorgeous. Beautiful eye candy this morning, thank you!

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