Friday Fave {34}: Dark Lipstick Lust

Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend. This is a well documented fact. But as we head toward the holidays, I’m feeling brave! I am in the mood to break away from reds and get my hands on a vampy, dark eggplant lip color. It’s mysterious, sexy and screams confidence. Not everyone has the courage to try it which is exactly why you should!


I have my eye onĀ Illamasqua’s “The Sacred Hour“. It goes on smooth and creamy and is a matte color, essential when daring to go with a rich, dark lipstick. It has a hint of mulberry that looks great on any skin color. I can’t wait to switch up my makeup routine when I get back to the states with this super dramatic and empowering color!

What is your favorite shade of dramatic lipstick?


7 thoughts on “Friday Fave {34}: Dark Lipstick Lust

  1. I am a red lipstick girl all the way. If I am not wearing lipstick, I kinda don’t feel like myself. Yes I am one of the lose girls. :) I tend to go for the brighter hues, but I have seen the gravitation to this darker plum color ( and while I love the look on other people, not sure if I can pull it off quite as well ) I will have to give it a try.

    • Have you tried Clinique’s Black Honey? It’s a great way to babystep your way into darker plums!

  2. uh not a lose girl – supposed to read those girls. HA!

  3. Great color! I don’t have a go-to lipstick but feel more comfortable with less brightly colored lips so I stick to darker tones as well.

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